The Green Keys Initiative is a business focused drive towards a sustainable future. The brainchild of Byron Shire Council, backed by Green Building Centre, the purpose of the program is to help local businesses to become ‘sustainable’ in their operations.

Byron Shire businesses will have the opportunity to improve the sustainability of numerous strands of their business – including:

  • Sustainable Energy Use, Sustainable Water Use, Business Waste, Sustainable Building Design & Materials, Business Accessibility, Sustainable supply chains.
  • Initially, the leading campaigns will focus on Sustainable Energy Use through the 100 Go Solar Brighter Business Challenge and greater Business Accessibility through the Access to Go program.


Please click in the areas below for more information on each campaign.

Solar Panels

100 Go Solar

100 Go Solar is a non-profit community initiative

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Women in Wheel Chair

Access to Go

Encouraging businesses to increase accessibility

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Green Keys Initative

To find out more about the Green Keys Initiative, please contact Byron Shire Council on (02) 6626 7000 or click here to complete an enquiry form.